Manifestation Signage

It is now a legal requirement to have manifestations on glass walls or doors due to safety reasons, this can be from a simple horizontal dot pattern to swirls and patterns all across the glass. Digital printing is used to produce large format images or “super-graphics”. he technology is such that nowadays virtually any artwork can be readily printed in large areas to dramatically transform any office wall into a stunning and inspiring space.

In the long-term it will benefit your budget, opting for digital signs can prove better value for money, simply to keep it holding on to that fresh appearance. Therefore, investing in a bespoke digital sign that’ll provide you with a fresher appearance for four to five times longer than paint will, resulting in added savings that can be used elsewhere. Whether you desire a refined and subtle graphic or an ‘in your face’ flagrant image, our state of the art digital printing technology generates stunning, vibrant results.

Why Manifestation Signs?

High-quality look and feel: The vibrancy that comes with digital print is unparalleled. Stunning full-colour and high resolution digital designs will ensure that your interior looks flawless and has a real wow factor. Available in fabric and textured materials as well as vinyl (a more durable option), our team can advise you on the best option for your aesthetic style and environment.
No waste: Digital enables you to only print what you need, ensuring no unused paper and therefore no money wasted on dead stock. PVC-free and made using 10% post consumer waste, our wallpaper is also FSC certified meaning minimal disruption or damage to the environment.
Branding: Completely customisable designs can be created in large scale, as well as patterns and designs that colour match your branding perfectly. Create a consistency within your business interior that will evoke professionalism and show you are established and successful. Our designers can create innovative and exciting designs based on the style, branding and layout of your business.

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