Halo Lit Signs

Halo illumination creates a soft glow of light around a built-up metal or acrylic letter as LEDs are positioned to shine out from the reverse of the letter. When added to a letter with a non-illuminated face, halo illumination brings clarity and definition to the letter and is often selected for letters with a shallow depth or small sign sizes. Popular with hotels, spas, restaurants and other leisure facilities are wall mounted halo illuminated letters which pick out the detail of the wall surface, such as stone or slate cladding, to create attractive light and shadow effects.

With endless options from different fonts, sizes, colours and shapes, you're able to make you sign personal to you and to follow the business trends. It will provide a memorable and lasting image in customers heads and will therefore promote your business. Halo lit signs are especially popular in build up areas where competition is high against other companies.

Why Halo Lit Signage?

Halo lit illumination enables 24 hour advertisement which is ideal for companies such as hotels that are open day and night. Another way of using halo lit illumination is by turning them off when you're closed, this will give a clear indication to customers and therefore prevent confusion. We at UK Sign Company are able to work closely with you to create the perfect sign they you are proud to show off. There are several advantages of having halo lit signage:
Stands out: Halo lit signs stand out for miles, even in built up areas.
Smart: They look smart and professional which shows you care about the business.
Variety: You are able to have a variety of different colours, fonts, sizes and styles
24 Hour Advertisement: You are able to displayed advertise your business 24/7
Unique and memorable: Making your sign unique and personal to you will leave a lasting impression.
Good promo: It provides a good promotion for your business against competitors, especially if you have local competitors.

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