Flat Cut Signs

Flat-cut lettering and logos have always been a popular option for signs due to the sheer variety of sizes, options and materials that are available. Flat cut letters offer a more premium finish than a standard printed sign. The raised profile of the letters evokes traditional carved signage and imparts a traditional feel that’s a great fit for the offices of professional services businesses, for example: banks, financial services companies, solicitors and accountants.

Our flat cut letters can also be used to create a fun and funky effect – perfect for everything from lifestyle brand stores to fast-food takeaways. If you want something a little funkier pick a less traditional display font and marry it with a bold colour or unusual finish.

Benefits Of A Flat Cut Sign

Taking individual letters and logos and making them into a physical piece of signage is a great way to sign your building, it is very cost effective and makes great use of space as the sign will dominant the wall and room, making it both eye catching and inspiring. They are economical, and can be fixed either with small studs to raise the material away from the wall, creating a fabulous shadow effect with the correct lighting, or flush against the wall with a very high bonding adhesive.

Brass Logos: Beautiful, timeless and cost effective.
Acrylic Flat cut letters and Logos: Glossy, lightweight and versatile.
Aluminium, painted logos raised and elevated: Economical, long lasting and durable.
Stainless Steel letters and logos: Low maintenance, solid, strong and recyclable.

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