Face Lit Signs

Face Illuminated Letters, as the name suggests, have the face of the letter illuminated. They typically will have acrylic faces with LED modules fitted to a back tray. One of the main reasons that businesses opt to light their signs is visibility. There’s no denying that a sign which is brightly lit up through the night is more visible than those without illumination. Even on dark, grey days and winter afternoons, a little bit of lighting can make a big difference and could give your company an edge over the local competition.

Illuminated signs are becoming ever more popular among business owners as they strive to stand out from the competition. From small illuminated signs with tailor made lettering and logos to larger illuminated front of house shop signs we are happy take on any project. With the latest in technology available we can create any illuminated signage specific to your requirements.

Face Illuminating Signage

Lighting your sign throughout the night can help to lend your business an extra air of professionalism. Passers-by will see that you’re not cutting corners when it comes to making your business visible and that you take brand awareness seriously. If your business is new, it can also help to reassure some customers that you’re not a fly-by-night organisation and are in fact here to stay.

Lighting your sign can be good for security. Not only will the extra illumination around your premises help to deter opportunistic thieves, leaving the sign lit all night can make it harder for would-be burglars to work out if there’s anyone onsite and therefore make it less likely they’ll attempt a break in.

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