Acrylic Signs

Acrylic logos and lettering are a great method of producing an office or reception sign, and acrylic is widely available in a whole range of colours, sizes and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is great for creating lighting effects. Great for displaying a clean, new, modern feel and for providing a splash of colour which brings your sign to life, acrylic is certainly an option to consider when choosing the right sign for you.

It's even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of metal finishes. Because acrylic is a cheaper material and the maintenance costs are low compared to metal, acrylic is used in all kinds of internal and external signage such as reception signs and corporate branding.

Why Acrylic Signage?

Brilliant recyclable material: which is made from a bi-product by turning crude oil into petrol. In simple terms, acrylic is a thick sheet of plastic that can be heated to form many different shapes and sizes and can cut to a bespoke design.
Aesthetic appearance: The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a sleek look with both classic and modern touches.
Versatile: Acrylic allows you to use it in many environments, from shop signs, reception signs to Monoliths. This is the most common signage method used for shop fronts and internal displays.
Your goals and our creativity and industry knowledge: There are a lot of effects, shapes and colours that can be created. Whether it’s just a simple name on an office wall needed or a complex logo, the possibilities and options available to you are endless!

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