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Architectural illuminated signs are a fantastic way to light up you city. This is a method you can you to display sight seeing locations clearly around the city or even advertising an illuminated map of the city. This is a great way to advertise popular locations within a city or town both day and night.
The architectural signs tend to be on a much larger scale than any regular sign, this therefore looks incredible when illuminated. With these sorts of signage being so large, it will also able you to advertise your business for miles through the city. Although this type of signage is more suited to larger and taller buildings to get full usage and potential out of the sign, you're also able to advertise in city centres with the correct permission or on smaller buildings that are centrally located, to receive more viewings than an un illuminated sign.

Functional Designs

Prestigious illuminated architectural signs, architectural nameplates and architectural signage is manufactured to the architects exact specification, from planning and design, code compliance to fabrication, installation and service/maintenance. We have a creative team to help you design functional interior signs to match your decor. Whether you have a single location or many locations nationwide, we will handle your service needs. We also offer services to make sure your illuminated sign will be working for years to come.
At five signs we are able to offer all of these services at competitive rates, to find out more about what we can offer, please feel free to ring us or check out our other pages. On the other hand, use our quick quote system with your ideas so we can provide you with the best for your architectural sign. After all without illuminated signs you could potentially be unseen.

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